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Birthdate:Sep 3
Hello I am Anju and I roleplay things.

Interests (49):

a-ya, attack on titan, bad horror movies, being a loser, being awesome, being deredere, being dumb, being tsundere, books, buffy, cats, cheesecake, doctor who, dollhouse, drawing, dude don't name my rats, dude you're so weird, dudes, duuuuude, ene, good horror movies, guys making out, haruka/takane, horror movies, house, kagerou project, keru, nezumi, nezushi, no.6, not dogs, not mushrooms, not onions, not organizing, not writing lists, people making out, reunion will come, roleplaying, romance, rpg, shuuen no shiori, stars, steak, stereotypical shoujo romance, supernatural, takane enomoto, tales games, the universe, writing
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